Posted by: procamnz | November 9, 2008

Opua to Auckland.

It was great to meet again many of the cruisers with whom we have spent time in Fiji but there becomes a time when we want to get home and back to a “normal” life. We had been watching the weather for a window to sail down the coast but with South Easterlies predicted we were reticent to head out. However Tony was itching to get back to his neglected clients and we made the decision on Saturday to head to Auckland.
It makes me wonder how we can travel around the Pacific and always have head winds. But that is the way it is. Even though North-Westerly winds were predicted, we still sailed South in to head winds. It was an extremely brisk sail with large rolly waves. We were pleased to arrive at Tutakaka that night and have a good sleep. Then the next morning we headed out to an Easterly wind of 25-30knots for our sail to Kawau Island. This was again a fairly rough sail but we were greeted by a pod of dolphins and thousands of sea birds. We arrived at Bon Accord Harbour, Kawau Island at about 3PM, had a quiet drink and early sleep. These long sails are very tiring.
At present we are just north of Ragitoto Light, having a quiet beam reach sail for a change. We shall berth at Westhaven and then start the big clean up. The boat is absolutely covered in salt crystals.
It has been another successful cruise but we are pleased to be home.

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