Posted by: procamnz | July 17, 2008

Vuda Point Marina 17 July

Entering Vuda Point Through Reef

Looking out of Marina

Looking in to Vuda Point Marina

On Monday we reluctantly up anchored from Sawini Bay and motored the few miles around the corner to Vuda Point. This is a land-locked marina and a great place to safely leave the boat. Tony was leaving for his usual monthly trip to NZ and Mary, who needed to stay in Fiji, wanted to be in a safe anchorage. Vuda is unlike any marina to be found in NZ. Basically it is like a giant, circular, swimming pool dug out of the ground and concreted. Then the external reef has been blasted and the whole area flooded. So it is tidal. The boats are placed bow in to the wall and tied with mooring ropes, which need to be adjusted so that they are loose enough for any state of the tide. Then ropes are attached to mooring buoys at the stern. The boats are only separated by fenders and so the inhabitants of the boats have to be friendly to each other because they are so close. There is a wooden platform at the end of the concrete wall. This is not floating and so it can be quite difficult getting on and off the boat, depending on the state of the tide. However, it is very sheltered from the prevailing winds and no waves. It is also a convenient place for getting to and from the airport and for shopping in Lautoka, a F$30 roundtrip.

Moorings. Windspirit in Foreground

The problem here is that there are flying cockroaches which need to be kept out of the boat. The other is that there are some cheeky little birds which live in the sugar plantations and fly right in to the boats to steal fruit. So insect screens need to be kept in place. We are pleased that we bought sun filter sides for our bimini and that keeps a lot of the pests out. But we have to close up the boat when we are not inside.

Tony spent the day working on the boat and removing the offending steering pump so that he could take it back to NZ. Mary did loads of washing and washed down the boat. It is great to have a unlimited water supply.

Just before Tony left to catch his flight, he went to get his trousers out of his wardrobe and found to his dismay that everything in there was covered in mildew. What a bummer!. So after he left, Mary spent the day washing all the wet weather gear, which must have had some salt on them and held the moisture, and also washed out the wardrobe with bleach. The dampness is a real problem.

There is a resort next to the marina, First Landing and for F$5 per day, casuals can use the swimming pool. This will be well utilized over the next few days by the 1st Mate. Also lots of reading shall be done.


  1. Hi MarySounds like fun, spending time at the resort pool for $5 a day. We have been reading about your trip to Fiji as Dot and Derek have been featuring your blog address with theirs. Have a wonderful time and a safe trip home. We are off to UK in 2 weeks so we are really looking forward to that.Kind regards from Jenny and Robin

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