Posted by: procamnz | June 30, 2008

Fawn Harbour to Viani Bay 29 June

We woke to a still, sunny day. The weather forecast was not favourable for a few days and so we decided to leave Fawn Harbour and make our way down to Viani Bay before the weather deteriorated. We had to motor all the way because there was no wind but that was preferable to bashing in to a head wind. The trip was about 20 miles, less if we could have jumped over the reefs, but it was pleasant. We had flying fish jumping and flying all around us. There must have been some decent fish under there somewhere but, though we trailed a line all the way, we caught not a thing. However, one must not be too greedy. Because it was high tide when we entered Viani Bay, we could see very little of the reefs and were very pleased to have been given accurate GPS way points by some other yachties. Even so, it is scary entering through the reef. We picked up a mooring down the end of the bay and then had a lovely swim. When the tide dropped we saw that we had gone very close to a shallow patch.

30June. Isabella’s first birthday.

We were invited to go out on the catamaran, ‘Key of D’, with Truus and Steve and a guide, Jack Fisher, to go snorkeling on the reef. We left and had a pleasant ride on their boat but by the time we had anchored, the wind and waves had picked up and it looked too rough. So we had scones and a cool drink and waited for a while, but then decided to give it a miss for today. It was a shame but there is always another day. So it looks like a lazy day ahead.
We are in a rolley anchorage but the reef keeps the big seas at bay and so all is well.

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